How to Teach the “Before and After” or Prenumber and Postnumber Concept

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Lesson Plan for Before, After and Between number Concepts:-

You must know the counting numbers and operations related to counting. How many minutes will it take to count from 1 to 100? Let’s try and record your time. If you are a master in counting then you will easily learn the concept of before, after, and between numbers. This concept will be like a number game for you.

You will just learn the numbers that come after, before, and between the provided numbers in this article. In maths before and after numbers concept is very important to grasp the concept of numbers. Gather up some of your child’s favorite toys. You will need 3. Stuffed animals, toy people, cars, or any favorite toy that you can pretend wants to move, works well.

1. Line them up as if they are going somewhere. For animals, set a bowl in front of the first one and tell your child they are all going to the bowl to get a drink. This helps your child understand their positional relationship, by understanding the first one in line will come before the others to get a drink.

2. On index cards write the words BEFORE, BETWEEN and AFTER. Label each toy with its position in line.

3. Practice lining up the toys in different patterns, making sure that the toys take different positions in line. This way the child can see that the label “before” does not apply to a specific toy, but rather to the position in line.

4. Tell the child the position of the toys using the words before, between and after. Talk to them about who will arrive at the bowl first, and explain that means he comes “before” the other toys. Next, explain who will arrive at the bowl last and explain that this means the toy comes “after” the others. Explain to the child that the one in the middle is “in between.”

5. Occasionally, ask the child what position a toy holds. If they cannot offer the correct answer, simply show them until they are able to answer independently.

Before, After and Between up to 5:

What comes before?

What comes just before 3?

2 comes just before 3.

                       2 comes just before 3.

Number Line 1 to 5

What comes just before 5?

4 comes just before 5.


                        4 comes just before 5.

Number Line 1 to 5

What comes after?

What comes just after 2?

3 comes just after 2.


                       .   3 comes just after 2.

3 Comes Just After 2

What comes just after 3?

4 comes just after 3.

                            4 comes just after 3.

4 Comes Just After 3

What comes between?

What comes between 1 and 3?

2 comes between 1 and 3.

                             2 comes between

2 Comes Between 1 and 3

What comes between 3 and 5?

4 comes between 3 and 5.


                               4 comes between

4 Comes Between 3 and 5

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