How to teach Ascending and Descending order to kids

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In ordering numbers, we may arrange them in these orders;

a) Ascending order—arranging from smallest to largest

b) Descending order—arranging from largest to smallest

When my daughter was in play school I taught her ascending and descending order by

1. Climbing up and down the stairs.

When he climbs up i.e ascending order the stairs from 1st to 2nd and so on……

When he descends the stairs i.e. descending from 11th (top) stairs to 10th (down) and so on…

2. Take 5 images of

New born baby, childs own picture,Picture of a teenage, His fathers picture,His grand-father picture. Ask him to relate in both the orders.

3. By giving him 5 colours.

1st count in ascending order i.e from 1,2….5

Then, counting in descending order from 5,4…1

PS: please do not forget to tell them that ‘a’ comes before ‘d’ alphabetically. So alphabets from ‘A’ to b c …is ascending and fom ‘D’ to c… descending.

Same with the numbers. From 1,2…. Is ascending order,

From 10, 9……is desending order.


I remember asking my son to mantle and dismantle pyramid in ascending and descending order which was a real fun for him.


Take him to a garden. Show him the roots,then stems,branches, leaves and then buds,flowers, fruits..

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