How to deal with the hacked WordPress website?

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Dealing with a hacked WordPress website can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but there are several steps you can take to recover your website and prevent future hacks.

Here are some steps you can take:

  1. Take your website offline: As soon as you discover that your website has been hacked, take it offline to prevent any further damage.
  2. Change all passwords: Change all of your passwords, including your WordPress login, FTP, and hosting account passwords. Make sure to use strong, unique passwords that are difficult to guess.
  3. Scan your computer: Perform a full scan of your computer to ensure that it is not infected with any malware that may have caused the hack.
  4. Backup your website: Backup your website, including all files and databases, so that you can restore it later if necessary.
  5. Identify the hack: Identify the type of hack and the files that have been compromised. This will help you to understand the extent of the damage and take the appropriate actions to fix the problem.
  6. Clean up your website: Remove all malicious files and scripts from your website. You may need to manually clean up your website or use a security plugin to do this.
  7. Update WordPress and plugins: Update WordPress and all plugins to their latest versions to fix any known security vulnerabilities.
  8. Install security plugins: Install a security plugin to prevent future hacks. These plugins can help to scan your website for vulnerabilities, block malicious IP addresses, and provide other security features.
  9. Monitor your website: Regularly monitor your website for any suspicious activity, such as unauthorized logins or file changes.

If you are not comfortable dealing with a hacked WordPress website on your own, consider hiring a professional to assist you with the cleanup and recovery process.

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