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Known as the ‘entertainment capital of India’, Mumbai is home to a large number of restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls, theme works, clubs and other recreational venues. Naturally, this makes Thane a coveted residential destination among the homebuyers who seek a lavish lifestyle. The growing demand for luxury homes in Thane has also led to the development of several housing projects in this segment. If you seek such a luxury residence from a reliable developer, Godrej Upavan might be of interest to you. This housing project has been built by Godrej Properties, one of the most reputed builders in the Indian real estate industry.

A look at the wide range of amenities offered in this gated complex would give you an idea of the lifestyle to expect. A variety of sports amenities, such as the cricket practice pitch, skating bowl, badminton court, etc. are available in this grand housing project and would keep you active while allowing you to socialise with neighbours. Living in Godrej Upavan Mumbai, your children would enjoy a joyful childhood, thanks to the kids’ play area, sand pit, interactive fountain and other recreational amenities. A wide range of fitness and lifestyle amenities have been integrated into this project as well and these would help you stay healthy and refreshed.

The Godrej Upavan price ranges from INR 36.3 lakhs to INR 54.9 lakhs, which is quite reasonable considering the multitude of amenities that this housing complex offers. Each and every home has been designed to offer a lifestyle of comfort and luxury, with ample space and an airy ambience. Here you may choose from 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK floor plans, which makes this housing project a viable option for most homebuyers.

Aakriti Singh
Aakriti Singh
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