Riding the Wave of Innovation: NoviOcean’s Hybrid Energy Converter


Novi Ocean’s innovative hybrid energy converter is revolutionizing the renewable energy landscape by combining the forces of wave, wind, and solar power. This groundbreaking technology has earned recognition from prestigious organizations like the Commissione Europea and Startup4Climate, solidifying its status as an award-winning solution for sustainable energy generation.

At the heart of NoviOcean’s success lies a simple yet powerful principle. By leveraging buoyancy and clever engineering, the system captures the immense energy contained within ocean waves and converts it into clean electricity. Here’s how it works:

  1. Wave Capture: As waves rise and fall, a float connected to the seabed responds by opening and closing a valve. When the wave engulfs the float, the valve closes, effectively locking it to the seabed.
  2. Air Trapping: As the wave passes over the float, it traps air underwater, creating a pocket of compressed air beneath the surface.
  3. Lifting Force: The trapped air exerts a significant lifting force due to its compressed nature, harnessing the energy of the passing wave.
  4. Electricity Generation: This force is then directed towards a Pelton turbine, which efficiently converts the kinetic energy of the moving water into electricity. With waves delivering 1,000 liters of water per second at speeds of up to 400 km/h, the turbine operates at optimal efficiency, generating substantial clean power.

By harnessing the relentless power of ocean waves, Novi Ocean’s technology offers a sustainable and renewable energy solution. With each wave, the system contributes to reducing reliance on fossil fuels and mitigating environmental impact. Novi Ocean is not just a product – it’s a catalyst for a greener, more sustainable future. Are you ready to join the wave of change?

This isn’t your average renewable energy source. Novi Ocean’s genius invention combines wave, wind, and solar ☀ power for a hybrid energy converter that’s rewriting the green energy rulebook! (Award-winning by the way, including the CommissioneEuropea and Startup4Climate Winner). The Science Behind the Success: Simple Yet Powerful Novi Ocean’s wave converter uses a clever buoyancy trick to capture wave energy. Here’s the magic: – Wave rises, float closes a valve, locking it to the seabed. – Wave engulfs the float, trapping air underwater. – Trapped air creates massive lifting force. – Force blasts a Pelton turbine, generating clean electricity. ⚡ – Imagine – 1,000 litres of water hitting the turbine every second at 400 km/h! Harnessing the power of nature’s fury, one wave at a time. Novi Ocean is the future of sustainable energy.

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