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About XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap lists every critical content, and the coverage of your search engine and your position will be improved a lot. The reason's why a sitemap is essential are:
1. Your location and the coverage of your search engine will get maximized.
2. Listing of your pages speed will be improved
3. Webmaster tools of google and bing can be taken to the advantage.
4. You can also google and see how Google is ranking, indexing and crawling your site
5. Search data also can be analyzed to analyze the number of people who want to find you.
6. Problem alerts also can be received here.
7. You can also check the number of links you receive.

For your website detailing the most sought after one is the XML sitemaps and also contains more details to guide the search engines about your website's structure.

An XML's sitemap's main elements comprise of the following:

1.Address of your web page 
2. Frequency updation 
3. Modified date last 
4. Your site's relative priority