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About Word Counter

Word counter acts as a tool that will help you count the number of characters and words of a document. This tool also acts as a sentence counter and helps in the calculation of phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Word counter also helps in calculating the frequency of words of a document. Some word counters have a special feature in which the number of characters can be calculated for social media.

There are different kind’s of word counter’s available and we will see some of them:
1. Word processors v/s Online word counter- A word processor’s job is the same that of a word counter but word processors are strong in writing articles and no adequate measures are there for writer optimization to take place.

Steps to use the word counter tool:-

  1. The word counter webpage tool to be opened.
  2. You can start writing your essay on a textbook that will be present there.
  3. You can check the number of words on the same tool.
  4. The number of changes also can be viewed
  5. For Facebook, if any content is being written you can write it on a word counter which will be above the text box. For Facebook, the upper limit is 250.
  6. For twitter, the Word counter tool can be kept but it should be within 280 characters.
  7. Google is also accepted here on the word count and the descriptions should be under 300 characters so that the content gets optimized. In Google, the presence of a word frequency checker will guide in selecting the right keywords in your writing and a good ratio can be maintained.