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About Search Engine Spider Simulator

This is a Spider Simulator, a tool to give you a quick preview of what bots see on the pages of your website. This can simulate what search engines do when crawling your website and its pages, telling you exactly how your page looks in the eyes of spiders or search engine bots.

By using Spider Simulator, you will be able to see page elements that are more difficult to access from your website. In this case, you don't need to keep guessing how bots or spiders see a copy of your website or landing page when they try to crawl on it.

To give you an idea, not all content is really visible to search engines, and some of them include JavaScript-generated content, flash-based content, and image-based content. Without saying, using this SEO tool lets you preview how your pages, including those mentioned, are really visible when they are crawled by search engine bots.