SEO Guidelines for Web Designer & Developer

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Guidelines for Web Designer & Developer


  1. The webpage should be responsive to all devices, especially mobile.
  2. Page load is an important factor for ranking make sure to load within 3sec maximum.
  3. Use next gen image like webp, jpeg2000, etc.
  4. Declare the language of each page
  5. Make sure asynchronous loading of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  6. Minifying CSS and JavaScript
  7. Use Descriptive URL as we share
  8. Create HTML Sitemap [make sure auto update]
  9. Create XML Sitemap [make sure auto update]
    1. Sitemap should include all pages, blogs & images 
  10. Use noticeable & effective CTAs Forms.
  11. Use proper H1 & H2 Tags
  12. Use of proper formatting throughout all pages
  13. Create a beautiful soft 404 page
  14. Ensure all page links are easily accessible through the menu and footer
  15. Need to create Privacy and policy pages
  16. Create a robots.txt page
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