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IP Address means a fascinating combination product of computer which is modern and its design is in such a way that a connected computer communicates with a similar device on the internet. An IP address generally consists of 4 numbers which contain a range ranging from 1 digit to 3 digits. In other words, the IP Address is called the unique identifier of a computer. There are two types of IP Addresses that exist and that is the IPv4 and IPv6. All systems with IP addresses nowadays are starting to use IPv4 services and some of them are also starting to use IPv6 services. The functions of these services are:-1. IPv4 is represented by four numbers and also by dots.2. IPv6 is represented by 8 groups which are separated by 8 colons.

How does a computer get an IP address ?

  1. 1.IP addresses can take the form of dynamic or static. A static address can be configured by editing the network settings of your computer. The address type is very rare and a lot of network issues can arise if it is used without a proper understanding of IP.
  2. 2. The most common of the addresses is the Dynamic. This system mostly runs on network hardware like routers and DHCP ( dynamic host configuration protocol ) dedicated servers.
  3. 3. Dynamic addresses will issue by using a system of leasing which implies that the address of the IP will be active for very little time.

How addresses are assigned by DHCP:-
1. A broadcast message will be sent by the computer in which to discover a DHCP service provider.
DHCP Provider will hear the message, it will try to recongnize.