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Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) are the gateway to the vast information available on the internet. Google, being the most widely used search engine, constantly evolves its SERP to enhance user experience and provide relevant and diverse content. In this blog, we’ll delve into various features available in Google SERP, offering a comprehensive understanding of each.

1. Featured Snippet

Definition: A featured snippet is a concise summary of an answer displayed at the top of the SERP, extracted from a relevant webpage.

Example: If you search for “how does photosynthesis work,” Google may display a featured snippet with a brief explanation, sourced from a reputable website.

Learn more about Featured Snippets.

2. Sitelinks

Definition: Sitelinks are additional links that appear below the main search result, providing direct access to specific sections of a website.

Example: A search for “Nike” might display sitelinks directing users to categories like “Running Shoes” or “Athletic Apparel.”

Explore Sitelinks.

3. Top Stories

Definition: This feature showcases the latest news articles related to the search query, helping users stay informed.

Example: A search for “COVID-19 updates” may display a Top Stories section with recent news articles from reputable sources.

Stay updated with Top Stories.

4. Image Pack

Definition: Google may present a collection of images related to the search query, often found at the top or within the SERP.

Example: Searching for “Golden Gate Bridge” might display an image pack showcasing different views of the iconic landmark.

Visualize with the Image Pack.

5. Thumbnail

Definition: Thumbnails are small preview images that accompany certain results, providing a visual preview of the content.

Example: Video search results often include thumbnails, allowing users to preview content before clicking.

Explore Thumbnails.

6. Videos

Definition: Google integrates video results directly into the SERP, making it convenient for users to find relevant video content.

Example: Searching for “How to tie a tie” may display video results demonstrating various tying techniques.

Discover more about Video Results.

7. Discussions and Forums

Definition: Google may include results from forums and discussions, providing a platform for users to engage with community-driven content.

Example: A search for “best DSLR cameras 2024” might include forum threads where photographers discuss their preferences.

Engage in Discussions and Forums.

8. Top Ads

Definition: Sponsored results displayed prominently at the top of the SERP, marked as advertisements.

Example: A search for “buy smartphones online” may feature top ads from various online retailers.

Understand Top Ads.

9. Bottom Ads

Definition: Similar to top ads, these sponsored results appear at the bottom of the SERP.

Example: A search for “travel deals” might display bottom ads showcasing discounted vacation packages.

Explore Bottom Ads.

10. Paid Sitelinks

Definition: Sponsored sitelinks displayed beneath an ad, offering direct access to specific sections of the advertiser’s website.

Example: A search for “best laptops” may show an ad with paid sitelinks leading to categories like “Gaming Laptops” or “Business Laptops.”

Learn more about Paid Sitelinks.

11. Shopping Results

Definition: A specialized section displaying product listings, often including images, prices, and links to online stores.

Example: Searching for “running shoes” may showcase a shopping results section with options from various brands.

Explore Shopping Results.

12. Local Pack

Definition: For location-based queries, Google may display a local pack featuring business listings, reviews, and contact information.

Example: Searching for “restaurants near me” could present a local pack with nearby eateries.

Find out more about the Local Pack.

13. Knowledge Card

Definition: A concise information card providing details about a specific entity, such as a person, place, or thing.

Example: A search for “Albert Einstein” may generate a knowledge card with key details about the physicist.

Learn about Knowledge Cards.

14. Knowledge Panel

Definition: A broader version of the knowledge card, the knowledge panel provides a comprehensive overview of a topic.

Example: Searching for “Mars” may result in a knowledge panel with information about the planet, its moons, and key facts.

Discover more about the Knowledge Panel.

15. Video Preview

Definition: Thumbnails for video results often include a video preview, allowing users to see a short clip before clicking.

Example: Hovering over a video thumbnail for a recipe might display a preview of the cooking process.

Watch Video Previews.

16. Tweets

Definition: Google may integrate tweets from Twitter into the SERP, providing real-time updates and opinions.

Example: A search for “latest technology trends” might include tweets from industry experts sharing their insights.

Explore Tweets in SERP.

17. People Also Ask

Definition: A dynamic feature displaying additional questions related to the search query, allowing users to explore related topics.

Example: A search for “healthy recipes” may feature a “People Also Ask” section with questions like “Low-calorie dinner ideas” or “Vegan dessert recipes.”

Learn more about People Also Ask.


Google SERP is a dynamic and multifaceted platform, offering a rich array of features designed to cater to diverse user needs. By understanding these features, users can navigate search results more effectively and discover relevant content with ease. Whether you’re seeking information, products, or the latest news, Google SERP is a powerful tool that continues to evolve to provide a seamless and enriching search experience

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