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Today, we are all in a lifetime relationship with computers because they are an integral part of our daily lives. We cannot even think of life without it because we are connected to them in one way or another. 

Continuous progress in technology has really changed the way we live. One of the main benefits of this technological advancement is that we always have access to our data, files, images, videos, music and more, at our fingertips. 

‘Cloud’ is one of the best emerging technologies in recent years. It is a term used to refer to Internet storage that makes all your data, files, and other important information through a secure internet-based server. It keeps you updated and connected with all the latest and the information that goes global.

Cloud-based business intelligence (BI) is used throughout the world today, because this is a revolutionary concept of doing business globally, providing all according to the demands of your BI capabilities at a lower cost with high quality and support as well. 

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Cloud computing tools (CC) Business Intelligence has great potential for the organization and helps the business to grow in one way or another. BI helps companies to process raw facts and turn them into usable business information. Its impact is wide and deep, it is the kind of technology that companies will want to either hug or hit.

Both CC and BI systems have emerged as a new trend for the upcoming wave of the future. They are easy to use, quick to install and relatively affordable compared to other solutions. Due to reliable cloud properties, more organizations are moving to the cloud solution to obtain an effective and fast service. 

CC importance for commercial enterprises:

• Different companies have different needs. Cloud software meets all the needs and requirements of the organization, as cloud-based software can be modified according to the requirements.

• BI solution helps in decreasing the initial set-up IT system costs significantly and also provide security and manage all systems from third party access.

• CC is a tool that saves time because it can be rapidly deployed, which in turn provides insight and value in a productive manner.

• Cloud BI solutions may not be cheap, but they help the organization survive and reduce operational costs, IT costs and more.

• Provide facilities for private and hybrid clouds in accordance with the demands of the organization. In a private cloud, all data and information of an organization is maintained in the company’s locations via the cloud server security services.

The use of cloud-based BI solutions is the friendly approach, used worldwide by almost every organization to store their critical data and information safe and secure. With this new approach, many technical loads have been reduced, which in turn has led to a safer tomorrow.

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