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About Alexa Rank Checker

Alexa rank acts as a service rating that is used to evaluate websites involved and bases itself on the visits frequency and the views overall. Statistics from websites say that if the indicator is lower, the more popular the site will become.

Working of Alexa Rank Checker:
Lots of data collection movement is carried here which will contribute to information updating and how the websites are moving with their ranking. A toolbar also can be downloaded which helps in getting information about the websites.

The information gets compiled based on the data received:

  1. Search traffic
  2. The visits which are made to the resource pages
  3.  The total amount of time spent 
  4. Pages totally viewed  
  5. Rate of bounce

Features of Alexa rank checker tool:
These features will tell you why Alexa rank is much needed. The first point being it is a good tool, to begin with and you can do competitor analysis. It is the click here which counts and the main features are :

  1. Analysis of website:- There is no joy for the website owner than knowing how many people come to their site on a daily basis.
  2. Analysis of competitor:- There will be a chance to compare yourself with your competitors and websites can be categorized by the competitor.In different ways websites can be categorized and a site search can be used to know who are your competitors .
  3. Analysis of traffic:- This is the best way to find out where your website is getting the percentage of users and from what all countries. You can also check who your competitors are  for your website, fresh traffic sources can be admitted.